Types of funds you can donate to BHCF
When you make a gift to the discretionary fund of The Broadview Heights Community Foundation, you support a wide variety of charitable interests and allow the foundation to continue to meet the changing needs of the community.  All funds, in whatever form, must still comply with the mission of The Broadview Heights Community Foundation:  to benefit the Broadview Heights community.  You can also choose to start a fund of your own, from which grants can be made once the fund reaches $5,000.

We offer several options for your fund:

Donor Advised Funds offer you the most flexibility in the direction of each grant from your fund. You may decide to give to causes related to health and education today, and choose to support efforts for disaster recovery and social welfare tomorrow. No matter what causes ignite your passion, you can support them all from your donor advised fund.

Designated funds allows for simplicity of choosing specific Broadview Heights community organizations or efforts that your fund will support. If you have defined giving goals, this option will help you achieve them by permanently supporting the nonprofits you determine when you establish your fund.

Field of Interest funds provide the advantage of choosing a field of charitable work that you care about, without determining a specific nonprofit to support. For instance, your field of interest may be to support literacy programs in Broadview Heights or to support animal rescue groups. This option helps to focus the mission of your giving, without limiting the specific organizations you can support.

Scholarship funds help deserving young people and adults reach their dreams of higher education and are one of the most common ways of honoring or memorializing an individual.